samedi 27 avril 2024

Getting garden decorations.

With a solar lamp
These are what we choose from the little shop to put in our garden.

This morning, we went to do some shopping for our garden decoration. Some more solar lamps and an outside carpet to put under our new table and chairs.( My husband is building the table in the garage because of the rain)

Then we went there. We did not go to the abbey this time, too cold and too much rain. This is my favourite decoration shop and this is also a very nice B&B «  l’Atelier de Tess »
This is a small village.
This is the entrance of the monastery( pictures taken earlier in the year)
We had our lunch there, we ate crepes and continued our Saturday « trip » to the garden Center to look for a 
 Plant shredder. We are going to get it tomorrow morning. to get rid of the cut vegetation.
Tomorrow will be the chat with Maxime and relax in the afternoon !

3 commentaires:

  1. I haven't put out my garden decorations yet. Maybe next week, or when the rain stops. Yours are fun.

  2. Oh so many lovely garden decorations! Beautiful pictures from the little village...
    Love from Titti

  3. I really liked the cup bird feeders and the bird houses.
    Have a nice week


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