mardi 23 avril 2024

Garden and countryside.

Today, I had to go back to the shop we bought our table and chairs. The delivery man yesterday said I had to go back to the shop, something was missing on the chairs… but in fact I drove 24 kms for nothing ! Nothing was missing!

Well, I looked at the paints to know which colour I’ll choose when I am going to paint the front gate. I took a paint. Sample with me.

Then I decided to go in the valley before going back home and take pictures. This very old Normand house was a restaurant it is beautiful outside and inside, surrounded by a park.
Beautiful with the wisteria !
This is the little river «  Oison »

The smallest town hall of France.

Last week I found these small solar lamps
One of our Rhododendron is blooming, I love the colour !

The small Azalea became very big

The wisteria 
The lilacs

 And our neighbours !

We have frost during the nights, but sun during the day!

A good day!

4 commentaires:

  1. That restaurant is beautiful and I love the little town hall.
    It's really looking so pretty there. It's really cold here too - frost in the morning and not warming up much during the day.
    I like your neighbor!

  2. That was a beautiful post. So many wonderful old things in Normandy, and flowers everywhere now.

  3. So many wonderful blossoms just now. The pink rhododendron is very pretty. How cute the smallest town hall in France is. I love those stone buildings. Here we have a bit of frost at night, too, and sun during the day. It's wonderful!

  4. Such a pretty rhododendron and the Wisteria is so lovely!
    What a bother to have to drive 24km and all for nothing :(


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