jeudi 11 avril 2024

Workers arrived!

 Hello Friends!

Today the workers arrived to change the old awning on the terrace. A lot of noise, but it will be brand new at the end of the morning. 

I chose a brown  plain one,  I don’t want anymore stripes and light colours it is too messy.
Here it is! The new table  and chairs arrive next week

Today, I booked a restaurant for our stay in the Corentin in June.
It will be on June 21 rst as here this is the music festival for Summer, so many people there you have to book in advance.
In fact my Birthday present stay will be in June as all is booked until then. I have booked a restaurant which is 
Overlooking the sea.
(Taken on the internet Auberge des Grottes)

This is the view from the restaurant.
A long time ago I often came here to walk on the coastal lane on top of this cliff. One of the walking path just arrive in front of the restaurant this is such a nice view!it’s a beautiful region!

5 commentaires:

  1. I LOVE the new awning! They did an awesome job!
    You'll enjoy the trip!

  2. The new awning looks great!
    The trip is going to be so special and fun to look forward to.

  3. It's fun to have new things and plan future adventures.

  4. How wise to reserve your spot in the restaurant for that busy time of the season. You must be looking forward to that time.
    The new awning looks very nice.

  5. Oh, wow, a big change! You'll enjoy it.


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