jeudi 4 avril 2024

Decorating with roses transferts.

Hello Friends!

This morning I received my transfers. When our son is coming I will take away lots of decorations and especially the vintage typewriter in case it fell on Maxime so I did the same transfer which is already on a table in the room.

The other one is in the hall and matches the frame with roses.

Today it is…windy! The temperature is going up and by Saturday it will be hot 30C in some part of France here 23C. It really is scary if it is already hot beginning of April! In certain parts of Africa it is already around 50C. The heat comes from the African desert and will bring us sand this weekend. Better wait before cleaning the cars and windows!

Do you know “Hercule Poirot”?

I have a picture of David Suchet because I am a fan of Agatha Christie. Nearly 20 years ago we had an American student with us during one year and every afternoons we watched Hercule Poirot together and he gave me this picture for my Birthday. 

I just found it while I was sorting out a drawer.

Have a nice day!

Now, I am drinking a hot chocolate in my Emma Bridgewater mug. The Jack Russell is our dog Bandit 😆.

5 commentaires:

  1. I do know of Hercule Poirot but I have bot watched very much of Agatha Christie.
    Your transfers are very pretty.

  2. I'm an Agatha Christie fan also but more Miss Marple than Hercule Poirot. I watched them both. How nice that you have the signed photo of Suchet.

  3. Your transfers are very pretty. I like a good murder mystery so enjoy Agatha Christie movies.

  4. David Suchet is the BEST Hercule Poirot. Love watching him in the Agatha Christie shows. I do like Miss Marple, too.
    What pretty rose transfers you have. Very feminine and romantic.

  5. Those transfers are so pretty!
    We love Hercule Poirot! We watched the whole series with David Suchet. He's an excellent actor.


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