jeudi 18 avril 2024

A Birthday 🍰

 Hello Friends !

This week I found this little house for Maxime
My morning coffee with yesterday cookies đŸȘ to start the day! Mug from Emma Bridgewater «  Jack Russell »
I got the new barbecue cover
I did the varnish on my transfers

Today is a special day! Maxime’s Birthday 🎂 

He his two today. His nursery is closed for a week, due to flooding in Dubaï. This afternoon he will have a Birthday party with his nursery friends at home. It will be an international Birthday party with little boys coming from different parts of the world 🌎 !

I wish I could be there, but with the terrible weather there the airport landing tracks are flooded and there are no planes anyway.

Tomorrow is Friday and the end of the week I hope the weather forecast will get better for the weekend as this week has been an awful week with the windstorm during three days. 

Tomorrow I’ll get the vegetables I ordered at the farm for the week and then try to go out during the weekend with my husband.I just looked at the weather forecast and no 🌧️no wind 💹 for the weekend ! 😼‍💹 

9 commentaires:

  1. I wish Maxime a happy birthday!
    The weather is cold here but the sun shining. I hope you will have a nice weekend. Hugs.

  2. The little house is cute and your transfers look very nice.
    Happy, Happy birthday to our dear Maxime! I hope he has a very fun party!

  3. Happy Birthday to Maxime!! I'm so sorry you can't be there to help celebrate...
    Warm weather here...and cloudy.

  4. Hej Catherine,
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met Maxime. Jammer dat jullie er niet bij kunnen zijn. Leuk huisje heb je gekocht. Hopelijk zien jullie Maxime snel.
    Lieve groet Willy

  5. Happy Birthday to Maxime! I love your mug!

  6. Two years old. Just the cutest age! I know how much you wish you could be where he is.
    We are experiencing some lovely weather for a few days. There is lots of work going on in the garden here. I do what I can.

  7. Happy second birthday to Maxime. Two is such an adorable age. I know you are looking forward to his visit soon.
    Your transfers are beautifully done and make the furniture pieces unique. Sunny weather here until the weekend when it will cloud over and probably rain a little.

  8. PS- I can see the photo of Maxime in your pre-post alert but when I click on it, I see a peony...maybe the storms knocked something out.

  9. Rejoice Maxim. Great mug. Peonies are fantastic. Have a nice day!


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