vendredi 5 avril 2024

A manor in Normandy.

Last year, when we stayed in the tiny house 🏠 ( a gift from our son) we were lucky to have the opportunity to see this ancient Normand manor. It is really a beautiful site! 16 and 18 Centuries.

A lovely picture of mother and new born child.

 It is a farm a peaceful, beautiful place and I hope to be able to go there again. Typical Normand manor architecture. Have a nice day!

6 commentaires:

  1. I love your architecture, the old buildings, the cobbled streets. It's all so charming and beautiful.

  2. Buildings in Normandy are so very different from those in Brittany. What a beautiful Chateau that is,

  3. Makes me want to travel again. We don't have that kind of old in our country.

  4. Beautiful architecture. I wonder if the manor would be damp with the water right up against the foundation.

  5. So beautiful houses! So much charm...
    Love from Titti


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