mardi 16 avril 2024

After the rain and wind 💨 the sun is back.

 Hello Friends,

Tulips from the garden!

Yesterday, I had a Skype call ☎️ end of afternoon it was my son on his way home. He could not take his scooter 🛴 or car because of the flooding in Dubaï and had to walk 45 mn from work to home. He was under the thunder and lightnings his feet in the water. I was anxious so was he walking in water with thunder. We chat on his way home and I new he was safe back home.

It has been a terrible day, dark all day and many car accidents, drowned car engines , flooded airports no plane… never seen such a weather there!

Today, it is back to normal 26C cooler temperature after the rain.
This morning one little boy was happy to splash in the big puddles! He has never seen that before!
This little boy will be 2 tomorrow ! Already two years old! I hope to be able to go and see him in Autumn as it will be too hot in a few weeks time.
After the rain and wind, the garden is now quiet
It is all getting green

The peonies have survived the wind 
It will be a lazy day for both of us today! I have ordered  vegetables from the farm on internet yesterday and will get them on Friday and I have done quite a lot yesterday… except the shirts ironing I have to do today.
Bandit and I wish you a good day!

3 commentaires:

  1. Such crazy weather! I'm glad you son made it home safe. That was a long walk in bad weather.
    Happy Birthday to sweet Maxime! Little boys always enjoy puddles.
    Your tulips are such a pretty color.
    I hope you and Bandit have a nice calm day!

  2. Dubai was on our News yesterday, it looked frightening.

  3. So much rain in Dubai! It was on our news yesterday. Glad your son and his family are okay.


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