jeudi 11 avril 2024

Special day 68 years ago.

 Hello Friends,

Today, is my Birthday 🎂 and my best cherished gifts are here on the picture! I am 68 today and I am waiting impatiently to receive my Birthday presents  these two little boys in July arriving from DubaĂŻ!

Today, I will go out and do what I like just for myself!

It will be my day!

Thank you for coming have a good day!

Who is this ?
A long Time ago in my best Sunday dress sewed by my mother. 60’s hair style !
Birthday 🎂 2 years old ! A long Time ago…

In my Normand costume 😆 !

With one of my dogs at friends. Their son gave me his dog before enrolling the navy.

8 commentaires:

  1. Aww!! Happy Birthday, dear Catherine! I Love all the photos...and I'm also happy you woke up from the coma!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Day...and July will be here before you know it!
    Birthday Hug

  2. Happy Birthday my friend! I love all the photos. I'm so thankful you recovered from that accident. Someday you should tell us more about that.
    That's a really sweet picture of your two grandsons. Soon you will see them in person!
    Have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! So nice to see the old photos! And your two grandsons are adorable :) Enjoy your day!

  4. Have a lovely day doing just what you feel like!

  5. I hoe you had a happy day full of good memories.

  6. I hope you've had a lovely day doing the things that please you. You and I are the same age, although my birthday is in October, so I am half a year older than you are. Your sweet grandsons will be lovely presents when they arrive.
    I'm glad you recovered from the accident and the coma. Those old photos are so wonderful to look at.
    Bonne anniversaire!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I hope those 2 little grandsons come for their visit with Grandma very soon. ( I enjoyed those old photos)

  8. Dear Catherine, a little late, but I wish you a happy birthday. I wasn't at home, I couldn't write to you.
    I like all the photos.:)


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