dimanche 28 avril 2024

My yellow peony

New outside rug!
New table and chairs for the family. When opened it is for 8 people.

Today as during the beginning of the month it is raining non stop and it is very cold for Spring. We received the new table and chairs for the garden. I have some paint to do outside but it’s impossible because of the weather
We are used to rain in Normandy, but not everyday!
Between two showers I could quickly take a picture of my opened yellow peony, I find it beautiful!

 I watched the weather forecast and it should be better by the middle of the week. We are impatient to go out and cook with the barbecue!

3 commentaires:

  1. The peony is beautiful!
    A couple of weeks ago we were outside grilling our dinners. Now it is cold and wet here too.

  2. Nice big table and comfortable looking chairs ( so important).
    Your yellow Peony is beautiful 💛

  3. Love the peony! And I really like the table!


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