dimanche 7 avril 2024

Coming from Sahara!

Hello Friends !

First let me show you what the Sahara sand did on our cars! They were very clean…before!

Yesterday we have been working on the terrace again

No power cut because we have changed everything the machine and electric cables. Then we went to buy a new garden table and chairs for 8 people, we are now eight in our family and we anticipated to get the same chairs. It will be delivered on April 22nd.

My health is  now nearly back to normal at least !

I went to have a look at the garden while waiting for a Skype from our son.

When I was young( younger 😆) we used to have forget me not in my parents garden, but I don’t see anymore nowadays. The birds have brought them in the garden . We used to have pink and blue ones.

The Japanese maple trees begin to have leaves.
Last Camélias 

 I was waiting for my tulips from the Netherlands to flourish and I am SO pleased with the colours and decided to order some more in Autumn !

After Skype we will go out to get some more garden decorations.

Have a good day.

7 commentaires:

  1. What pretty tulips! Mine are a similar colour.

  2. The patio is going to be lovely with all the new furniture!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Wow - that sand is crazy!
    Your flowers are beautiful. I really like those tulips.
    So thankful you are feeling well again.

  4. The pink tulips are beautiful!! The sand is so messy; too bad it blew your way :(

  5. Except for that desert dust, everything is lovely. We have Forget-me-nots that come up all over. We have to control them. And our tulips are starting to bloom too, and maple tree leaves, and ...Spring is all wonderful!

  6. Hello! That sand is unbelievable! But the flowers? BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Blue forget-me-nots are blooming in my garden just now, too. They are so sweet. Your tulips are amazing! Love the ruffled edges. I'm happy that you are feeling so much better.


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