dimanche 14 avril 2024

Routine of a week.

 Early morning sun. Today, we are back to cold weather, after having 25 C on Saturday, 17 C yesterday it will be a lot colder today and this afternoon will start another wind storm. It will be snowing in the east and in the mountains.
This will be a busy week, tomorrow a firm is coming to clean the drains.
Then I will have to varnish my furniture transfers i did to protect them, do some cooking with the vegetables 🥕 I got from the farm, laundry, ironing and so on the weekly routine.
On Friday, my son was off and I had a chat with Maxime, we now can talk to each other in English and he can say sentences and give me a kiss at the end of our conversation 😆 such a cute little boy! 
Today, I will bake an apple 🍎 tart!
And you what  will you  do this week?
Thank you for coming.

6 commentaires:

  1. So glad you got a sweet visit from Maxime!
    I'll just be hanging out here at the house and taking my sister to her post op appointment.
    Happy week!

  2. Pretty sunshine in that photo!
    Good for Maxime! He's a smart little guy!
    I have a guiet day today with some cleaning planned, tomorrow a visit to the rheumatology doctor tomorrow, then work for the rest of the week.

  3. How beautiful the freshly cut Lawn! The sudden heat at this time is alarming, so let it come slowly🌸🌳.

  4. Sunny days are so welcome. The light on the lawn through the trees is very pretty. We had a sunny weekend and now today there are clouds and a chilly wind. Enjoy your week - you have lots of nice things planned.

  5. Your April weather is very mixed up but I guess that's the way it can be in Spring. Here we have days of mixed sunshine and rain. It's going to be a busy week.

  6. I just finished putting away all of the Raster decorations and dusting. Now I am resting.


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