lundi 22 avril 2024

A very busy Sunday!

Yesterday was a busy working day! 
We got up early and I baked a pear and caramel cake and baked stuffed sweet potatoes for lunch, my daughter just informed me Saturday evening.
Our daughter and her husband came for lunch and after lunch they decided to tidy and clean our garages.
We wanted to tidy and donate or put to the rubbish some old broken tools…
They did a very good job!
And then clean all the house gutters, a good job done!
Last year I have planted a new yellow Peonie and I am impatient to see the flower.

 This morning I am waiting for the new outside table and chairs delivery then do some housework and laundry.

I wish you a nice week.
Thank you for coming.

6 commentaires:

  1. Hmmm! What a beautiful cake!:)

  2. That cake is beautiful!
    How nice of your daughter and SIL to come and help with that.
    I don't think I've ever seen a yellow peony. It's going to be pretty!

  3. Hej Catherine,
    Fijn dat jullie goede hulp kregen met het opruimen van de garages. De taart is een lekkere beloning.
    Lieve groet Willy

  4. Perfect pear pie!
    The peony looks great.
    Have a beautiful week🌸!

  5. That pear cake looks wonderful!
    This is laundry and housekeeping day for us. I am taking a break, but I need to get back to the laundry. Tom has vacuumed and dust mopped. I have dusted, and after lunch I'll mop the kitchen floor.
    The sun is shining, but it's not warm.

  6. I have never seen ( or heard of) a yellow peony. How different and also lovely.
    The pear and caramel cake looks wonderful. I searched for a recipe and got many choices. When I find good pears I'll have to try making one.
    Very sweet of your daughter and her husband to come and help you with heavy chores.


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