mardi 9 avril 2024

Birthday presents.

( taken from internet )chemin des douaniers. Coastal path walk.
We are going on the right top end 
Le Landemer  in Urville Nacqueville 
(Pictures taken from the internet)
 Hello friends !

This week will be my Birthday 🎂 and my husband’s in May, so our children gifted us a three nights stay in a  beautiful Hotel on the Cotentin peninsula. We will have a sea view from our room. Our room will be in the little house facing the sea. This house is 150 years old and many famous people stayed there a long time ago. Claude Monet and Edith Piaf stayed there. We have already been there during our coastal lanes walks in the past, it only was a little restaurant in a peaceful place.

I have already walked on the coastal « douaniers » paths many times . The douaniers were the customs watching smugglers. Like in Daphne Du Maurier’s book «  the Jamaica inn » taking place on the Cornish coast where boat wreckers attached the boats.

I think my Birthday present will be a new sewing machine 😆 ! It will be on the 12th and one more year !

Today, we are having another wind storm especially on our coast and flooding rivers as it is a very high tide.

It will be about the fifth wind storm this year. They are having very strong winds on the shores, but as we are only 70 kms from the sea the wind will blow here too!

 Have a nice day and thank you for your visit.

7 commentaires:

  1. How Wonderful! What a beautiful place to stay...You're going to really enjoy your visit!
    Happy Birthday to you! Life only gets better...

  2. So beautiful! I would love to walk by that sea.

  3. You should enjoy your stay in such a lovely place, Bonne anniversaire!

  4. Oh Catherine! This is a wonderful gift! The cottage is charming, the scenery is beautiful.
    Happy Birthday to you and your husband!

  5. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely time in this lovely place.

  6. How wonderful that you and your husband have the same birthday month. Happy Birthday. Such thoughtful children to gift you and your husband a cottage getaway! Such a pretty place!

  7. What a wonderful gift from your children. The house looks beautiful and how lovely to be near the sea. I hope the weather eases up and is sunny for you. Bonne anniversaire!


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