samedi 20 avril 2024

Château and Château fort.

I have fixed the problem and I am back !Today, we first went to the vet to get some food for Bandit.
Then we went to a garden Center it was open day and discount day!

They have a new corner in the shop where you can eat and do your shopping. They have fruits and vegetables, cheese 🧀 chocolate, biscuits , wine and bear.

The double decker bus is part of the shop!
We had our lunch at the watering can

Then as my husband was very tired of the week we decided to continue and visit an arboretum just a few kilometres from home. In the beautiful park there is a Medieval castle .
At the entrance two big sequoias 
We walked, sat on a bench under the sun and listened to the birds 🦅 and to the babies birds in the nests and relax.

Then we arrived at the castle  through the door.
This was the water pits around the castle 
We can’t go inside for the moment, they are doing some work inside

They have been doing a lot of reconstruction work outside.

Rebuilder some part of it. Before it was a ruin!

Outside theatre.

There soon will be a Medieval festival in June.
We decided to go to another place and I took a picture of this wonderful wisteria 

This week I heard on our local radio that there was a hotel and restaurant we did not know in this fabulous castle ! Mr L will invite me some day in the restaurant for a meal.

 Then, we had a very good outing  and we decided to go home.I hope you enjoyed or outing !
Thank you for your visit.

8 commentaires:

  1. Oh my! Having a castle practically in your back yard, must be wonderful. Thanks for this lovely post.

  2. I really enjoyed tagging along with you! The garden center is so nice and I love the watering can restaurant!
    The castles are so beautiful! I'll be looking forward to photos after you and Mr L go there for a meal.

  3. You have such beautiful places to visit nearby.

  4. I loved everything, the garden center, the watering can, the castle, the cheese bars in the fridge (haha). The castle is like something out of a fairy tale! Thanks for the rich post🌷🌸!

  5. What a wonderful outing you had. I love the castles and that Plant Shop has everything!!! That Wisteria is amazing!

  6. It was such a nice outing. I enjoy your photos, too. Have a nice Sunday!

  7. How wonderful!! Love all the photos! And that wisteria is gorgeous!
    Enjoyed the trip!

  8. Lovely castle and a lovely wisteria! So beautiful!
    Love from Titti


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