mercredi 10 avril 2024

Places of interest and places I love in Normandy.

Hello Friends 
Today, a long post about all the places around me in Normandy dear to my heart ❤️ 
Abbaye de Jumieges.
Abbaye du Bec Helloin.

Abbaye de Saint Martin de Boscherville

Falaise forteresse Guillaume the conqueror castle 

La Bouille where I lived during my childhood 

House of Hector Malo writer os “ sans famille”
The house was close to my primary school 
Rouen “Palais de justice” Court housse
Le gros horloge

Thé cathedral

On the coast Etretat

A few kms from home Château champ de Bataille


4 commentaires:

  1. I can see why these places are dear to your heart. They are so beautiful! If I was there, I would be crazy taking pictures.

  2. No wonder these lovely old buildings are some of your favourites. 💗

  3. Very nice photos of the buildings, Normandy is beautiful🌼🪻.

  4. These are beautiful places, Catherine, and I envy you living so close by. We visited the Jumieges Abbey, wandered around Rouen and saw the clock and the church and some very pretty streets. Also the place where poor Joan of Arc was burned. And we visited the Chateau Gaillard. So much history, so many stories. Thank you for this little tour.


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