dimanche 28 février 2021

Happy March!

Sorry Today there is a problem, I cannot leave any comments on blogs, blogger does Not work.

Hello friends,
Yesterday, we had a nice quite day. Having Birthday lunch with our daughter and her husband.
Then, we went into the garden but it was freezing cold and my son- in - law always brings his tools in case I have something to do in the house. He did some repairs and put some light in our closet which is very convenient, I think we will put lights in all our dressings and closets.
My husband wants to retire within two or three years, so I we want the house to be ready on time for sale.

We are now in March and wish you all the best! Happy March!

2 commentaires:

  1. so nice of your son-in-law to bring his tools and do small jobs for you. He sounds like a thoughtful guy.
    Aren't we all so happy to turn the calendar page to MARCH. Let's hope it will be a warm and pleasant month.

  2. That is a good son in law! For some reason, this house also has no lights in the closets, and it is most inconvenient.


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