mardi 9 février 2021

Proust and the Madeleines.

Grand hôtel Cabourg

 Hello friends,

Today, I have been baking Madeleines for Mr P.

Do you know Proust? He is a French aurhor born in Paris in 1871, a romantic author which main books are »a la recherche du temps perdu» and «  du cote de chez Swann » having not a good health he was often coming to Cabourg » the grand hôtel » on the normand coast. The Madeleines are one of his childhood memories that.s why he refers to them in his books. The Grand hotel is facing the sea and a very nice place to stay.

( the photos are taken from the book Proust la cuisine retrouvée  édition chêne)

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I think the best recipe is from «  LADUREE » book.

4 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine,

    It is strange how these little cakes have become immortalised and revered in ways unimaginable for other cakes or pastries.

    Elegant rather than elaborate, we always think that Madeleines promise so much but are over before one can blink. Still, that always leaves one wanting more.

  2. PS I have that Ladurée book a gift from my friend:)

  3. Proust was right that SMELL can evoke the strongest memories!


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