samedi 27 février 2021

End of closet makeover

 Hello friends,

Today, we are tired because we finished the makeover of the closet, before our daughter.s Birthday lunch tomorow. We have not seen her since Xmas because of the virus.

She works in the hospital and they have not been vaccinated yet and my husband is a general practitioner 

So we live constantly with the virus around us.  You never know what is going to happen, but we want to see her for this special day. We will be careful as usual and will try to enjoy this day.

My son who lives in Dubai had Covid cases in his firm. Here they have 4000 cases everyday, in a small country. So, we have to carry on « blogging » and take good care of each other.

Hope you are all having a good Sunday.

6 commentaires:

  1. I'll think of you tomorrow when you celebrate the birtday of your daughter. Look after yourself!

  2. That's a frightening statistic for covid cases in your Country. We have so much hope and faith in the vaccines. I am sure you must worry about all of your family in such vulnerables places (Dubai and hospitals) and I hope you will all have a lovely day with your daughter despite the confines of distancing etc :)

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the picture of the birthday cake.:)

  4. We just got our second Covid vaccination this morning, but we will continue to be careful for the foreseeable future. Out daughter's birthday is this week too. I'll make her her favorite cherry pie and try to find her some daffodils, but we haven't planned an in-person celebration yet. We'll see what comes.
    Best wishes to your daughter, and to you, and to your son. Stay safe.

  5. Vaccinations are very slow in Canada, too, for a number of reasons, poor planning among them. I hope you will soon get yours. That's a lot of daily cases for your country. Enjoy celebrating your daughter's birthday!

  6. Lovely that you were able to finish the closet make over in time for your daughter's birthday. Have fun.


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