jeudi 18 février 2021

What about vintage toy sewing machines and French wedding photos and vintage tiles from Netherlands?

I found my tiles from Netherlands, I had them from an antique shop for one of my birthday.
I unfortunately broke one and had to mend it, but I stilllove their blue color.

 Hello friends,

Yesterday, I found some wedding vintage photos from my husband’s family and I thought it could interest you.

These are French family photos at different ages.

I found the hat and collar on the road side, I stopped my car, it was in a village where a man was selling it’s belongings in front of his house, before living the country and going to Senegal after he had retired.

It is strange sometimes to get others belongings, but I like to keep them and in a certain way take care of their memories.

I love these photos and see how different people were at different times.

I hope you enjoy looking at them! Have a nice day.

4 commentaires:

  1. I also have black and white, old photos. Some of them I have on my walls and shelves, too.
    I like your photos. They are never ending memories for the future.

  2. It is nice of you to save old photos and keep them safe! I have no one to leave famiy things to, so I hope a kind stranger might like my old things someday, too. I love your Dutch tiles. My grandmother had a little fireplace and Dutch tiles were around it. When the fire was burning, the tiles showed Bible scenes, but when there was no fire, the tiles looked blank.

  3. I have a vintage toy sewing machine that is a way back, non-electric hand wheel Singer. It is a family treasure.


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