mardi 23 février 2021

A return in the Past....

 Hello friends, 

Today, let me show you these two pictures I found in a « vide grenier » if I translate  Empty Attic or Garage sale. They date back to 1934 date of the child first communion equivalent to the confirmation in certain countries. It’s a Catholic ancien first communion.

The child received this picture proving he had been baptised  and accept the fact he renew his wish to be a Catholic.

At this time, the parents framed it and it was hang in the home besides the parents wedding photo most of the time.

I love these pictures, because they are old part of the memories, they are not valuable for some people, but valuable to me.

Yesterday, was a beautiful sunny day 16C and I could go in the garden. I could see the horses next door sun bathing!the birds are busy nesting , it’s the coming of Spring!

2 commentaires:

  1. As as Catholic, I would definitely treasure such a picture, too! Beautiful! So glad it is safe and "rescued" by you!

  2. The pictures are beautiful, and interesting history. It reminds me about a picture I had by my bed as a child. It was a picture of an angel, and with my name and date for when I was baptised. The baptised child got it from the church.


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