mardi 23 février 2021

Happy Birthday!

 Hello friends,

For her Birthday, let me show you how is now the little girl on the picture I ‘ve shown you yesterday.

Once a year, brother and sister goes on a trip together. Now we have four of them as they both got married and all birthdays in February and March.

On this special day I want to wish my daughter Maud a very Happy Birthday!

Don’t forget result Giveaway Friday evening!

I was trying to remember from my first blog 7 years ago to use « Big huge labs » to make mosaic 

And finally I found it.

6 commentaires:

  1. Hej Cathrine, what a lovely couples. Happy birthday to your daughter. Lieve groet!

  2. What an incredible collage! The sign must say something along the lines of "Here there be POLARBEARS" - oh my! What a hardy group and what a beautiful, otherworldly setting! Thank you for sharing those photos.

  3. How fun to have your son and daughter enjoy traveling together, and now with their partners, too. Maud is a lovely name. Bon anniversaire!

  4. How clever you are making that collage. Unfortunately I have no talent for anything like that.
    I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday.


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