lundi 15 février 2021

Gault and my miniatures Provençal village


Hello friends,
Today, this will be about one of our visit in the south of France in the 80’s.
We have found these miniatures in Saint Paul de Vence in one of Gault ‘s shop.
Theses are reproduction of existing houses.
We had them for a long time on our fireplace .
They have also made the houses of Paris...
I have put the link for you to see what kind of house they are making, hope the link works because since my first blog I think 7 years have passed and I have to improve my technic....
Have  a good day and stay safe.

I just had a look at the prices and discovered these have taken a certain value since the 80’s!

Yesterday, I made a chard( not sure of the name blettes in french)

4 commentaires:

  1. Lovely houses. They must have been nice on your fireplace in the past.

  2. You must be a good housewife. I have never eaten chard.

  3. Hello Catherine,

    The miniature houses are truly charming. We think fondly of your creating a mini village on your fireplace. How wonderful!

    And, yes, it is sometimes surprising that things one has bought years ago for a very small sum of money can now be worth so much more. The reverse, sadly, can also be true.

    And, a perfect quiche!

  4. St Paul De Vence♥♥♥♥♥Love your houses..


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