mercredi 24 février 2021

Last day for the giveaway!

 Hello friends,

Yesterday, was a busy day. My daughter is coming on Sunday for her Birthday lunch and I did not make the curtain for her log cabin yet. So I have been sewing the curtain and a cushion with the rest of the fabric.
I have been round the garden, but now I can’t  do some gardening anymore because of my back surgery.
Before, I used to mow the lawn, but now it’s a robot that cuts the grass!
Today, I have to do some painting on the door closet and by Saturday it will be finished.
i have to sit to do the painting on the lower parts, because I am not allow to bend even when I clean the windows...I did all the downstairs windows yet.
On Sunday, for lunch, I think we will have a barbecue. The weather is fine and 20C’ barbecue and birthday cake! We will be the four of us, as my son cannot come from Dubai and because we respect the sanitary conditions at the moment.

First Camélia flower.
Today, is the last day if you want to take part in the Emma Bridgewater giveaway.
This is a picture of the curtain and cushion I made yesterday and the picture of the mug giveaway.

6 commentaires:

  1. It is hard to do housework, garden, and crafts when your back is fragile. I once lived where the community gardens had special raised beds, high enough for those who cannot bend very far, and one for those in wheelchairs. I thought that was very smart and kind of the city planners to provide.

  2. I know all about not bending over after back surgery. I have had two, the last one in July, and then in early January I had hip replacement surgery. With my back still not strong, and new restrictions for my hip, I am quite limited in what I can do right now. I sure hope I can do more by mid spring or summer.
    That log fabric is wonderful.

  3. What a fun log fabric. Enjoyed all the pictures.

  4. The fabric your daughter chose is perfect for a log cabin!
    Also I wanted to comment on the holy picture given to a child in yesterday's post ( which I missed). I certainly would have bought that picture too. I have a much smaller one that looks similar and says Room Blessing. It hangs over my bedroom door.

  5. It has to be hard to avoid bending all the time! Good for you for getting the windows done.
    The camellia is so pretty!

  6. The log fabric looks very much the same as I made a big shopping tote, and an apron some years ago. My son had bought the fabric and put a piece of it in a big frame to decorate his bedroom. Then I got what was left of the fabric.


Working hard on our project.

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