mardi 16 février 2021

Punch and Judy ...and little things.

 Hello friends,

We bought this little canvas years ago and I still love it. 
The frame with the monogram I made it with an old sheets.
I found this Punch and Judy head in an antique shop.
Today, I cleaned the windows, looked in my plastic containers  to get some old things, such as the miniature houses...
I found some more miniatures from East of France Alsace , from England Shakespeare house in miniature.

I will do some crochet now and look at the blogs.
See you soon.

6 commentaires:

  1. Your home is so beautiful. I love when I see you have posted, I rush over to view your treasures.

  2. I also like your home. It is like a treasure box. Mine is not like this, so that is the reason to come here to see your things.:)

  3. Hi Catherine! Thanks for stopping at my blog.
    I like your house and your decorating style. The miniatures are fun!

  4. More treasures for you to share and for us to admire.

  5. Hej Catherine, it looks very lovely and cosy. The frame with the monogram from old sheets is great.


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