mercredi 10 février 2021

Something vintage....

 Hello friends,

Today, is a cold day, too cold to haves now. But some snow in Brittany and soon coming to Normandy.

We have sun and -7C but feel -15C Better stay inside and feed the birds!

Today, I chose to show you a find , this is a child wash stand dating back to the 20 th century .

Once a month, there is an antique market outside along the river Seine. It is very pleasant to walk on the promenade and look at vintage items and talk with the owners.

I love this little wash stand which is in very good condition .

The earthenware is well kept and I had rather leave it’s original condition.

The giveaway should be arriving today I will post a picture as soon as it arrives, it has been delayed to Friday....

Wishing you a good day, stay safe.

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine,

    What a delightful washstand. I cannot recall ever seeing one designed for a child and this one with its storage cupboard and hanging rails is wonderful. Surely any child could be persuaded to wash behind the ears if they had the use of this washstand.

  2. Hej Catherine, very nice washstand.

  3. Hello Catherine, it's nice that you are doing a giveaway but I will be a blog follower regardless of that, I like your blog... I am not so sure about the heads, they scare me a bit, but the washstand reminds me of one my granny had in my bedroom and is very pretty.


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