lundi 15 février 2021

Armoire, cupboard makeover

 Hello friends,

I hope you had a nice Valentine day.

Yesterday, we had a Valentine lunch at home, because all restaurants are closed and we decided to work in the afternoon. A new project ,do the hall armoire.I had a roll of wallpaper in stock ( I often buy a roll or two of wallpaper I can use in small spaces. This one is about Paris monuments. We have painted the two sides and will put wallpaper at the back.I did not want any flowers for Valentine so I had this instead.

The paint is Blanc Edelweiss it’ s between grey and grayish green.

We have still got a lot to do before it’s finished.

Concerning my giveaway, I must tell you that I don’t know where the parcel from England is?

Fedex told me it was still at the custom in Paris airport!

I hope I will get it today! I will let you know....

Have Nice Monday!

3 commentaires:

  1. I am Hungarian, my boyfriend lives in Austria. So we could not celebrate Valentine day together because the border is closed. He sent me a photo with flowers via Skype, that was my Valentine gift from him. I was happy about it.
    Your wallpaper works are nice. I like them.
    Have a good Monday, too.
    (Sorry for making mistakes in English, my language knowledge is not so good like yours.)

  2. Shipping has gone wacky around the world! Most of the Christmas cards I sent never arrived to their destinations. I think your armoire will come out very pretty. I am VERY partial to dusty green as a color.

  3. The Valentine day was calm...sunny and very cold outside!
    Always so nice visiting your blog :)
    Love, Titti


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