mercredi 17 février 2021

Giveaway Emma Bridgewater rabbit mug has arrived! Giveaway open to all countries.

 Good news! The giveaway Emma Bridgewater has arrived!

If you want to participate ( any countries) you will please have to let me know, by living a comment on my blog, you will have one week to participate to the Spring giveaway.

I don’ mind sending the giveaway to any country! If you like the mug you may enter the giveawayresult giveaway this Friday26 February!

6 commentaires:

  1. So adorable. What a sweet thought. We are having very cold weather right now and I enjoy seeing signs of spring, like this mug. Be well and take care!

  2. Comme c'est mignon une tasse! C'est tres bonne.
    Pardonnez mon français primitif, et pas de signes diacritiques. I always can't resist leaving a comment on your pretty blog. I am commenting not to enter the lovely giveaway, but just to say hello again and to say what a darling mug! J'aime les lapins! I hope your weather today is better than what we are having in the States.

  3. It's a beautiful mug:) I am in the UK and would love to be your winner. Thnk you.

  4. What an adorable mugs. Rabbits are such fun creatures.

  5. Such a lovely mug! It is a very generous giveaway. I live in Norway.

  6. I do love rabbits. What a fun mug to give-away. If I am not late add me to the chance to win.


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