lundi 1 mars 2021

My passion for Cath Kidston bags

 Hello friends,

I have a passion for bags in general, but especially Cath Kidston. I usually wears dark colors and my bags add some colorful notes in my life.

I often wait for the sales to buy a bag. The first one I had is the white one with flowers and I had I remember many questions from women to ask where I had my bag. I had it for 11 years.

The little cottage one is English as you can see  and is «  Vendula Cottage » it is very special, but had fun in my life and my world!

I also have very strict handbags! But during the summer it is fun and add joy to my clothing.

Bring joy to your life!

( I have problems to leave comments on blogs today, blogger does not work)

5 commentaires:

  1. I know nothing of handbags, but I know I love yours! So pretty, so unique!

  2. ... the writing to you works :-)) so I send you a warm greeting.
    The bags are great ... right now I've gotten to the colored bags that
    I like now. And ... I am very happy to sew these for myself :-) Yes, that is fun ...

  3. I am not a hand bag aficionado, but your collection is colorful and interesting.

  4. Your handbags are beautiful, especially the last two. I think they are so sweet with the birds and the flowers.

  5. I love to sew bags, so I have many different homemade. The cottage bag was awesome.


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