mercredi 17 février 2021

Once upon a time....

 Hello friends,

Today, let me tell you the story of Henrietta and Louis.

Henrietta was my mother’s sister, so my aunt.

It was a family of 9 children and Henrietta wanted to see the world!

When she was 18 she went to work as «  Au pair girl » in London. She had a good experience with children, having so much brothers and sisters.

Louis was a Us army boy , and was based in Germany. He wanted to visit more of Europe and went to London.

This is where Henrietta and Louis met and fall in love.

Henrietta stayed in London and Louis manage to have the papers for her to go to the USA.

They got married far from Henrietta’s home with no family from France.

If I remember they have lived in Brooklyn in a small flat at first.

I forgot to tell you, Louis Was of an Italian family.

Then, he has worked  for a petroleum company and they were sent to Indonesia, Lybia ...where they have spent many years.

And then retired in Connecticut.  In a place called Rowayton.

We visited them with our children and I loved the place.

They had one son who lives in Alberta.

I think she accomplished her dream to see the world and died last year. Louis died three years ago.

I love this photo and their story,  this is why I wanted to share this family story with you.

Have a good day.

( the giveaway is finally on it’s way should be arriving today)

By the way, I have bought this jigsaw for my children during our trips for them to learn geography 

And I did it last night for my post. Nice for thé brain cells!!!

3 commentaires:

  1. What a beautiful couple and story. Nice that you were able to visit them in America.
    The jigsaw is a good way to learn geography.
    Have a nice day!

  2. A very romantic story! I grew up in Connecticut, about an hour away from Rowayton. I am a huge fan of Normandy -- three visits in the past -- and would love to return. A visit to France is also on my to visit list when we can travel again. Thanks for visiting Buttercupland and I hope you will stop by often.

  3. It's amazing how people travel all over the world and meet someone and fall in love. Thank you for visiting my blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts. J'adore la France, un pays que j'ai visité plusiers fois.


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