samedi 6 février 2021

A very relaxed weekend and my first giveaway!

 Hello friends,

I hope you’ll have a relaxed weekend like Bandit has!!!In the blog I had about 6 years ago, I was sometimes doing some “giveaway”

This time it will be a “Emma Bridgewater bunnies mug” I will tell you when it arrives from Great Britain and you will be able to participate if you want.

See you soon!

Anybody can participate to my giveaway!

3 commentaires:

  1. ce chien a l'air bien heureux j'aime les voir comme cela tasse est très belle - bonne journée à vous

  2. keep it in the UK!!! if I win your mug that is lol - probably won't but found you by chance. I am in the uk. how fabulous to have a log cabin and make it all pretty and homely - nice to meet you.


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