vendredi 26 février 2021

My village.


Hello friends,

Today, I decided to take my stick and go walking in the village to show you where I live.
This is a village of 1000 people, but most of the people are now young people working out of the village, so it is empty during the week and the oldest now stay inside because of the virus.
Now we have a curfew at 6 pm and they switch all the lights and it is a very strange atmosphere.
The first picture is an arch in the wall that was around the village, the second one the lane going to the graveyard and church. The house was the presbytery’ then two manors.the piece of roof is typical of one end of a normand house. Then, the church a day piece of an old typical wall. A small cottage and the lawn

in the middle of the village.
Today, it is a spring day and we will have a nice week end.
I will give the giveaway result by the end of the afternoon.

5 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine,

    It has been a treat to 'walk' through the village with you. It all looks so delightful in the Spring sunshine and serene in its quiet.

    We have a curfew here too and it is, as you say, a strange atmosphere.

  2. It is good that you can walk with your stick in your nice willage. I hope that you are better and better. Have a nice, warm weeekend.

  3. Thank you for sharing the walk. I love the old buildings. We had a nice sunny day here too today.

  4. Thank you for showing us your village! It is wonderfully "old world" compared to our relatively young Pacific Northwest, USA.
    I see all of the pollarded trees. We saw this when we visited Normandy as part of a cruise.


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