vendredi 22 septembre 2023

Rain drops 💩 on the windows.

This is the craft I am trying to do.
I did a lot crafts with my children and I forgot about what I have got in stock.
I hope it will dry quickly!

We are having heavy rain and I must put the light on in the house, it is so dark.

I am still in my bedroom and must do the cleaning. While we were on holidays spiders have been working 😆!
I came across a vintage hat I found years ago, it is a hat from the sixties from”Kathe and Lady” shop and the price is still in francs in 1962.
I remember the fashion in the 60’s and I loved it.

On another subject, last night I baked a cumin and carrot tart, I cooked again after having been to restaurants everyday during our holidays because the food was salty and even with the médecine I take my blood pressure is high , so everything I cook is without salt.
I am still upstairs and I can hear the noise of heavy rain on the roof windows!
I am going to go downstairs and will begin a new craft
After I have cleaned our bedroom. I hope I’ll succeed in doing it!

4 commentaires:

  1. I hope the weather calms down and the sun comes out.
    That's a classy hat.
    Your tart looks restaurant worthy!

  2. I can almost taste the tart, it looks delicious.

  3. I wish women would start to wear hats again. They look so feminine.


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