mardi 10 octobre 2023

Fall and pear 🍐 biscuits 🍪

Today, I have a lot of fruits to use, so I made some cooked mixed fruits and these pear biscuits.

Now I will cook butternuts with ham and goat cheese for tonight.

It is hot 27 degrees C and the sun 🌞 is shining outside.

I will prepare the bulbs baskets with tulips ready to plant!

2 commentaires:

  1. Our bulb order hasn't arrived yet. I guess we should be expecting it any day now. That will be the next big job, getting them into cans and into the ground.

  2. The pear biscuits look so delicious. I have lots of apples to use up and will make a cake later today. Our temperatures have cooled a little and we had a bit of rain, which is much needed. Have a good evening!


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