lundi 30 octobre 2023

A hurricane is predicted.

(Source: ZZZOe)

Hello Friends!

We are preparing ourselves to two very big storms. They say we will have hurricanes  one Wednesday night and on Sunday. The trees having still their leaves and as it has been raining a lot they could be uprooted.

We only had one in1999 the day after Xmas and the winds were nearly 200 kms.

We will be busy taking things outside and I hope the roof won’t be damaged. They have partly stopped a boat race waiting for better weather.

We are not used to such a weather here and I am really scared. There was no damage on our house in 1999 I hope everything goes well.

See you soon.

7 commentaires:

  1. Praying it isn't a big storm and you stay safe!
    We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. I guess it beats a hurricane...

  2. I do hope you will weather the storms without any damage. Stay safe.

  3. I also hope that everything goes well.

  4. I pray the storms pass you by...and you remain safe!!

  5. I hope you stay safe and no damage. Tale care.

  6. Batten down the hatches. Stay safe!


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