lundi 9 octobre 2023

A Sunny and warm Monday

Yesterday, after we had an Autumn weather during two

Weeks the temperature is back to 27 degrees C!

On Saturday I went to my favourite Italian clothes shop where I had a good voucher. I found a dress, pullover and jeans for the winter…( if we have any winter!)

We also went to get planters for the windowsills. Last week I have bought heathers at IKEA and we arranged the planters yesterday with white cyclamens.

We also went to the garden center and had lunch in our favourite place and had lunch outside ( because of Covid ‘s come back)

On the same day we looked for me to be vaccinated, but without  any success. This morning my husband phoned me and I had to rush to get vaccinated ( not enough vaccines!) but now it’s done.

After doing house cleaning…


I found some nice velvet I saw two weeks ago at the fabric shop and made a simple pumpkin and one like the orange one ( trying to make this afternoon)

I also like decoupage. I had this frame and did not know what to do with it…
I made some découpage with an old Country Living issue.
This is the project, it has to be organised.

( source: old Country living)

2 commentaires:

  1. You are so busy!
    I like your planter boxes with heather and white cyclamen.

  2. We've chosen to not get the Covid booster injections. It's not FDA approved here in the United States. We will just continue to get the Flu and pneumonia injections.
    Love your art!! SO pretty!


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