dimanche 29 octobre 2023

A rainy Sunday.

It’s a rainy and cold Sunday and I have cooked apples and pears and baked an apple tart for my husband as I am on a diet. Two kilos lost this week!
Then I continued my scrapbooking with all I had in my boxes. I decided to order some scrapbooking items in the USA which will arrive within two weeks. I ordered from “Stamprints” they have a huge amount of items.
It is a nice FIY for winter.
This is what I did yesterday and today , but waiting for my order to embellish and finish theses pages.
What will you do during the Autumn and winter rainy days?

2 commentaires:

  1. These are all beautiful! Love the tiny pearl stitching...!
    I plan to learn how to quilt...wish me luck! lol

  2. Good for you for the weight loss!
    I really like your scrapbooks.


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