lundi 23 octobre 2023

A new day, a new week!

Yesterday, as my husband was working in the garden I did the week housework and today it is cooking day!
My son in law is coming to help us in the garden and in the house, depends on the weather! Cutting branches if no rain ☔️ or working on my husband’s computer in case of heavy rain.
So I cooking homemade salmon lasagne and stuffed butternut ( he will have the choice!)
Them “pralines roses cookies 🍪” as I had some pralines left.
(Source: ZZZOe)

 I am trying to improve my health condition to be able to visit my son , daughter in law and Maxime.

I am training on my trade mill and keep busy.
I should go beginning of December but depends on my health. My husband filled the papers for the  handicap card. Last time I travelled I had assistance with a wheelchair and I was very glad to have help.
Better travel with help than stay home!
I will do my best!
Have a good day!

2 commentaires:

  1. I do hope you will be well enough. Assistance is well worth it at the airport, so much easier.

  2. Your cooking looks delicious. What did your son-in-law choose? I hope you will be healthy and strong for your travel to visit your family so far away.


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