vendredi 27 octobre 2023

Keeping busy!

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Four years ago, after my last travel to Japan 🇯🇵 I made this small scrapbook. Here it is…

Today, I did not know what to do except the housework and did not want to go out, so I started a new one with vintage pictures I had in stock for long.

Vintage postcard

Made some tags, but did not finish yet.
This week with my doctor husband I decided to start a diet! Well I have many kilos to loose after surgeries and treatments. So I have to keep busy.
1,7 kilos lost this week!
Trade mill each day and diet. I want to loose five kilos quickly ( because of high blood pressure) them slowly until a reasonable weight for my age.

It is difficult, but less difficult after some days.
My husband is getting food outside for tonight from our Mediterranean and healthy restaurant tonight, so no cooking tonight! But not before half past eight 🕣 it will be long!

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm 71 kg now and 162 cm. I hope I won't gain any more weight. I wish you manage to lose as much weight as you want.
    The pictures are beautiful again.
    Have a nice weekend! Hugs.

  2. I like your scrapbook!
    Good for you for eating healthy, I need to get at that.

  3. It's hard to lose weight when I can't exercise as much and am less active. I keep trying and then regaining. Now I'll try again.

  4. I gained a bit of weight on our long trip over the summer and am trying to lose it. It's coming off slowly, oh, so slowly. Beautiful scrapbooks, Catherine.


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