mercredi 25 octobre 2023

Cinnamon biscuit with an apple 🍎 glaze cider.

 Today, my son in law is cutting some wood in our prairie. So I have baked him a cinnamon  biscuit with an apple 🍎 glaze cider on top.
As I leave in Normandy the country of apple and cider
It tempted me to bake it!

I had the recipe from:” The charm of home”

I tried it, it taste very good, but it is still warm it is better when cold with the glaze. I managed to do the recipe having cups  to measure…

He had some after his work and was very pleased with it, he said it was very good!

2 commentaires:

  1. That was so nice of you! I bet he really appreciated it!

  2. That does look good. What a nice thing to do for your son-in-law.


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