jeudi 5 octobre 2023

Autumn 🍂 lights.

Since a few days, we have Autumn temperature and night falls very early, so I like to stay inside and have some little lights around me. It’s time to use blankets , armchair and a good book!

I did not work on the desk, but had some appointments.

Tomorrow, back to work and do the varnish and finish the desk and begin a new idea 💡 !


4 commentaires:

  1. We are finally closing the blinds in the evening and giving way to the darkness too.

  2. Those lights add such charm to your home! I really like them!

  3. Yes, it's the cozy time of year. As I write this I have a cup of tea beside me and a blanket over my lap.
    The lights in your house are very pretty.

  4. I like your lights. It is good to see them.


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