jeudi 19 octobre 2023

Pink October!

For pink October I decided to bake “ pink pralines muffins”
The pralines are a speciality from Lyon ( France)
These are almonds  covered with pink cooked sugar.

Four more boxes for the thrift store and some more are coming…this weekend I will sort out the Xmas decorations. It’s time before Xmas 🎄 some can go to other families.
This morning I wanted to practice my stencil with the special paste. I have to practice! ( the different colour is just because one is dry and the other not) the middle door was easy but not the other ones. I need to practice!
I continue to sort out things I have in my craft room 

And I found these little cakes I painted

Not to eat 😆!

 Have a nice and peaceful day!

3 commentaires:

  1. Well, I'm glad you can eat the muffins, if not the little cakes. :-)

  2. You have been busy - it looks so good!

  3. The pink muffins look delicious. You do so many lovely crafts.


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