mercredi 11 octobre 2023

Stencil furniture decoration.

Today I received my stencils and stencil paste from my E-shop “ Avec Passion” when I order I have my order two days later.

I had a try before using them on furniture and it came out nicely.

 Today, I fill better. Yesterday I had big side effects with the covid vaccine!

I finished the first part of the desk and will continue tomorrow and try to finish before the weekend.

I prepared the tulip containers ready to plant them this weekend. The hot and dry weather continues, but it is so unusual!

Hope you enjoy your day!

4 commentaires:

  1. Maxime! How big and cute he is.:)

  2. The stencil designs are beautiful. I don't quite understand the process.
    Maxime is adorable. Love his new outfit.

  3. Maxime is growing into such a handsome boy. Sorry you had such a reaction to the shot.
    Lovely stencil!


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