samedi 21 octobre 2023

Our afternoon out to « Desjardins » garden center!

We went to the vet today for Bandit, we decided with the vet to keep an eye on the problem and see the evolution and decide what to do if it becomes bigger.

For the moment we don’t do anything if it becomes bigger there will be a surgery and then

We will have to analyse it to know what it really is.

So after that, we did not want really

to go home and decided to visit some shops ( already very crowded for Xmas shopping!!)

We did not stay long and went to garden center to get labels for my plants and as they have some home decoration a new desk lamp for my husband.

Then what was there?? ( I know Linda will say it is too early… but I could not resist … and took pictures !)

I wish Maxime was there! All was beautiful ! Lots of decorations and lots of Nutcrackers !!!

This was our visit to « Desjardins »!

And we also went to donate four big boxes to the thrift store.


5 commentaires:

  1. So beautiful. I have to say I love this holiday!

  2. Oh that brought back some memories! I used to love going to Desjardins throughout the year, but Christmas was spectacular!

  3. So beautiful! We went to a decorating store today that was all done up for Christmas. Most places around here are showing Fall decor yet.
    I bought an old sled to put on my porch this winter.
    Yes, Maxime would like it there!

  4. It is all very beautiful, and yes, too early! :-)
    While you visited Christmas, we visit pumpkins!


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