mercredi 18 octobre 2023

This and that…

 Autumn 🍂 is my favourite season and I like to invent new recipes with vegetables and fruits.

Last night I cooked on my Romertopf  turkey with apples, pears, Roscoff onions ( from Brittany which are sweet) and no seeds grapes accompanied with basmati rice.

I just fried the onions in a pan with the fruits and add to the turkey in the Romertopf close it and put it in a non preheated oven then cook for one hour 180 degrees C.

( before I have to soak the two parts of the Romertopf 30 mn in water)

That’s all and it was delicious. ( forgot to take pictures)

Then I baked an apple tart.

The desk renovation is finished( I am glad 😀)

Three coats of paint and three coats of varnish…it took me many hours!

This globe was last year Xmas present and on Saturday we are going to get a new desk lamp!

I continue to pack things to give to the thrift store next Saturday.

This is my big Romertopf ( keeps your oven clean! )
A recipe I did was stuffed butternut with chestnuts, onions, apple, bacon and cheese on top!
And it was a good evening Autumn dish.
Have a good day!

5 commentaires:

  1. I also have Römertopf and I like it very much. You can cook very well using your phantasy. It was good to read your post. Hugs.

  2. I have never heard of Romertopf but I can see that it would be great to cook in. Your turkey sounds so good!
    I really like that globe.
    Your desk turned out really nice!

  3. My mum had a similar pot called a Chicken Brick. It cooked beautifully.

  4. Your autumn meals sound delicious, Catherine. Congratulations on finishing the desk. It's lovely.

  5. I have a Romertoph clay baker that is older and much more used looking. I have only used it for roasting whole chicken with herbs. I might have to check out more recipes. I do still have the recipe booklet that came with it lo these many years ago.


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