mardi 24 octobre 2023

Halloween 🎃 DIY and my village.

Just received the photo, could not resist to show you! This is my little pumpkin 🎃 Maxime!with mum expecting a little brother.
Just coming out of the oven!

This is how we like to cuddle in Autumn !

 Today, it is sunny and I went out to get something I forgot to buy. This afternoon I am going to walk to the post ✉️ office.

This year I have done some little suitcases decorating 
This one and that one.
Today, I am starting a new one I had in stock.

Back from the post office. From the last picture this is what I saw on my way:
The post office which was before the town hall, in front of it is the entrance of our little church then I passed the cometary where people are cleaning their family tombs for “ la Toussaint” In November.
Then I passed the small arch and passed a White House which I s behind our field ( holiday house all closed)
Then a kind of Manor, the presbytery, behind it’s gate number 20, then a house that looks abandoned, but it is not ( I think it could be very nice ) then the house of the people in the past that ring the church bells 🔔 “la maison du sonneur”
And our new “ Mairie” town hall replacing the place where we paid taxes before. ( we unfortunately still pay taxes even if it is closed! 😆 
Here is part of the village where I live in Normandy!

5 commentaires:

  1. De douces photos. 🙂

    Ce sont des pommes ? DĂ©licieux!

  2. That is the cutest little pumpkin!
    Speaking of cute - your suitcase decorations are cute. And the pastries are so pretty.
    I loved the walk in your town. It's just charming.

  3. Thank you for the photos of your village. So lovely.
    And Maxime, as cute as ever.

  4. It is very good to see the photos. You live in a nice place. Maxime is a very kind boy. I like his mother, too.

  5. Lovely reminders of Normandy, where we nearly bought a house, and then settled for Brittany!


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