jeudi 19 octobre 2023

Memories and Bandit to the vet.

( source: ZZZOe) 

 This morning I cooked bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for my husband. This reminded me my « Au pair » year in England when I had to cook breakfast for the family every morning.

There were three children, one boy and twins and the girl wanted her egg cooked on both sides! I always had problems to turn the egg over and not break the egg yolk ! To make the sandwiches I now know how to do it… I was 18 and it is funny how little things bring back memories!

Last night Bandit came on my lap and I noticed like a spot on his paw, we are taking him to the vet tomorrow because last time I noticed something  like that on my cat the vet said it was nothing serious but if I wanted, to reassure me it will be analysed and three weeks later it was a cancer grade 4. So I am stressed to see what the vet is going to say…keep our fingers crossed, that it is nothing serious.

6 commentaires:

  1. Sweet puppy! Hope it is nothing. 💙

  2. Pretty photos...and I'm praying for your Bandit!!!
    Big hugs

  3. I sometimes still have trouble flipping the egg without breaking the yoke. :)
    Your fall photos are so pretty!
    Praying the vet appt goes well!

  4. Breakfast sounded delicious. I hope Bandit's checkup will be a good one.

  5. at my 18 i too did baby sitting for sometime :)
    used to have same issue with turning egg
    heartfelt best wishes for your dear pets !


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