samedi 13 janvier 2024

Back home after a cool morning.

Now we are having lunch and I will have a Parmentier de canard( duck Parmentier)
This is cooked duck meat with mashed potatoes on top.

Today we went out to my favourite clothe shop . There was a lot of mist on the road but we made it.

Next week we will have snow and I needed some warmer clothes.

I got three jumpers one pair of trousers and a nice warm coat. And again a new bag! I am s bag addict!

I took a picture of the shop many coats left for the sales.


6 commentaires:

  1. It is good to have warm clothes in cold January. Enjoy all of them!
    It is 0 degree here now but the sun is shining. I was outside and I wore my warmest coat. I needed it.

  2. Glad you were successful in your shopping and have some warm clothes to wear! I like your bag. I love getting new bags!

  3. Fijn dat je geslaagd bent met de kleding. Hier ook een grijze dag. Van mij mag er wel sneeuw vallen. Fijn weekend!

  4. Here when it gets cold, we layer up: long sleeved Tees, fleece vests, fleece jackets, and wind and rain coats. We dress very casually here on the Pacific Northwest.

  5. It looks like you had success in your shopping trip. The newest bag is lovely; I also have a "thing" for bags and I have to go through them and decide which to keep.

  6. Your new bag is very smart. Having warm clothes when it's cold out is important. It's chilly here and I've been wearing my wool coat when I go shopping or to church, and my down-filled jacket for walking.


Ready for Summer.

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