samedi 1 avril 2023

Happy April!

I made cushions and a table cloth for the little suitcase 

 Hello dear friends,(source ZZZOe et éphéméride)

I wish you a Happy April! Next week it will be Easter time already. I hope the weather will be a Spring one… we still have some wind today, but not as much as we had during two days and night. We are safe, I did not go in the garden to look at the roof and trees, but for sure some branches must have been broken. We will see.

Yesterday, my son did not work and he Skyped me yesterday afternoon so I could see the three of them.

Maxime is training himself to walk and was happy to meet other children to the kindergarten. They are soon taking a break and take the plane to Norway 🇳🇴 and first go to Oslo and the to the Lofoten islands with another plane. They have ordered Maxime some clothes for cold temperature, because he has only summer clothes for Dubai temperature. It will make a change going from 35 C to 0 C or less! 

It is nice not to hear the strong wind day and night and I slept well last night! Today, we are food shopping for two weeks. This morning I must make the menus and the list and tomorrow take the branches out of the lawn and maybe go for a walk if it does not rain ☔️ 

I wish you a nice weekend and thank you for your visit.

5 commentaires:

  1. So happy you got to see Maxime! Have a fun day of shopping...

  2. It is still cold here on this first day of April, 40F, 4C, with a chilly light wind blowing. We are hoping for a warm up by Easter Sunday.
    I am still in rehab mode, with restricted movement, PT exercises three times a day, and icing in between. But I am getting around well enough.

  3. Such cute cushions and tablecloth that you made for the suitcase vignette. It looks great.

  4. Your projects are always so pretty, Catherine. Spring weather can be very changeable. It's cold here now, too.
    How great to be able to talk with your son and see Maxime trying to walk.
    Happy April days to you!

  5. Tes créations sont vraiment magnifiques!


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