mercredi 1 juin 2022


Today, I went round the garden and discovered  new bellflowers. 

And new peony flowers the first ones she has. I love the bright pink colour.
I am waiting to see the full flower.
There was sun this morning and there was a wonderful perfume of roses!
Cascades of roses!

On Friday I must go to Rouen hospital and have an
MRI done.  I don’t like this noisy machine and I don’t like to be locked  up! I hope it won’t be too long…
The one I did for my back before the surgery lasted one hour, so now I am scared it last a long time. They want to have a look at my optic nerve. We will see…

6 commentaires:

  1. For some reason Bellflower is one of my favorite flowers. I have a few white ones in my White Garden. Your Bellflowers are gorgeous and look so healthy. Good luck with your MRI. Having had many of them because of severe back issues I understand your emotions. I will send positive energy your way. Happy Day!

  2. Wonder flower photos! Good luck on your MRI. On Friday I am finally having a follow up neurology appointment from my brain MRI.

  3. I also have bell flowers in both blue and white. They are such lovely flowers and come through our winters with no problems.
    I know what you mean about the MRIs. I hope that it will go as well as possible on Friday.

  4. Your flowers are so pretty!
    I had an MRI about 15 years ago for some neuro issues. It was long and noisy. I hope yours is short!

  5. Bellflowers grow in my garden, but are not yet blooming. I keep watching for them. Your cascades of roses are so lovely.
    I hope the MRI tomorrow goes quickly. Think of your beautiful garden as you lie there. Bonne chance!


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