mardi 21 juin 2022

Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!
(Source “The nature notes of an Edwardian Lady”)
A few years ago, I found these toys 🧵 sewing machines on a “ vide grenier” ( garage sale)
I did not have manu toys when I was a child and always wanted to have one.
Then I found a second one I think it is older than the singer one and I would like to find more to start a collection of vintage toys.

The weather has changed after the heat and thunderstorm ⛈ it is now 16 C and raining after this horrible 39C. 40C of last week!
Nature is feeling better so do we! We can breathe much better!
The plants are being watered by the rain and it is back to normal for the moment.
Tonight is the “fête des la musique” music festival 
And it may be raining…
Music groups will be performing in the villages and in the streets everywhere in France.
One folk group will be performing in the village closed to ours tonight.
There are sometimes fireworks
At night and outdoor parties.

This is the cover of the singer…like the big one!

Today is the first Summer day, so Happy Summer to you!
My son juste sent me a picture of his first Father’s Day present! A pair of socks with daddy and son’s picture!

4 commentaires:

  1. Those toy sewing machines are so nice! I would like a collection of them too.
    Here it is very hot and humid and supposed to stay that way for the week. Your gardens are so lovely!
    The socks are the cutest!

  2. A collection of vintage toys is a great idea. A lot of fun searching for the ones you want.
    Cute Fathers Day socks.

  3. I would have loved a toy sewing machine as a child. Your collection is off to a good start with the two you have. I'm glad your "canicule" has broken and things are cooler. The socks are so much fun!


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